Reach your employees
during COVID-19

Coronavirus & the impact on your communication with your employees
Tips for retailers for communication in times of crisis

In hectic times like these, certainties suddenly appear to be in doubt. Doubt strikes in the field of health: “What is good for me? How do I protect myself and my family? ”

And if that's not enough, the entire Corona crisis has a huge impact on everyone's work situation. Employers in retail have additional concerns about this: “How do I ensure a safe shopping environment for both customer and employee? And what to do if all shops close soon? ” The list of questions from the customer, employee and employer side seems endless.

Clear communication is of course key here.

Click here for 6 tips & tricks to communicate well with your employees!

Key features


A timeline of messages, photos and videos. The possibility to 'like' and 'comment' keeps employees connected.


With a push notification you can quickly inform your employees about important news.


An FAQ can provide answers to questions that employees have about the corona virus and all developments.


Can be used anytime and anywhere by your employees, both on desktop and on mobile!

Reach your employees during COVID-19 crisis

Communicating effectively and clearly with your employees during the Corona crisis is currently key for many retailers / brands. Within a few days we were able to support (new) customers, with a version of InTouch that offers the following key features:

  • Direct, valuable communication is possible with the mobile app, regardless of where they are at the moment (at home or on location, for example). In a personal environment, relevant, specific information can be shared about current developments (for example linked to the location or department).
  • Messages can be brought to your attention with a push notification.
  • An FAQ provides answers to questions that employees have about the corona virus and all developments.
  • A timeline of messages, photos and videos. With the ability to like and respond keeps employees connected. Which is especially valuable in these uncertain times.

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Success story Nelson Shoes

How do you communicate with more than 1,000 employees in times of crisis? That was the challenge for Nelson Schoenen B.V. We spoke with Ivo Flierman, Manager ICT & Innovation at Nelson about his experiences.

Check out Nelson's case here

Within 3 days the Nelson InTouch COVID-19 app was released. We connected more than a thousand employees by implementing this app. 


Zeeman streamlined communication in 7 countries

Staying connected with your employees is now more important than ever. We pride ourselves on partnering with Zeeman to enable fast and effective communication with more than 8,000 employees.

Within a few days we implemented Retail InTouch Lite in 7 countries. This retailer branded app allows Zeeman to share important news on a timeline, use push notifications for high priority news, provides access to frequently asked questions (FAQ) and allows teams / stores to keep in touch with each other.

Read more about how communication is streamlined during COVID-19.

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