Welcome to the CampaignHub

Your one-stop launch control tool

CampaignHub is part of Retail InTouch – the market-leading employee communication and engagement platform from Kega. CampaignHub is designed to make the launch of VM schemes, campaigns and events more efficient, less costly and with full visibility for all those who need it. From dealing with missing POS to an image record of every store, we’ve developed functionality with retailers for retailers – and indeed, all multi-site service environments.

10 Ways CampaignHub helps VM & Marketing Teams

  1. One-stop campaign and event launch control.

  2. Visibility of all your locations.

  3. Digital guidelines customised per store or cluster.

  4. Multiple media content formats.

  5. Instant feedback from the shop floor.

  6. Maximum impact, minimum resource.

  7. Checklist style task manager.

  8. Helps non specialists to launch windows and campaigns.

  9. Complete ongoing visual and operational record.

  10. Minimises travel and helps remote working.

Some of our clients

Start big or start small?

  • For existing Kega clients who want to get InTouch.
  • For existing InTouch users who want to get the most from CampaignHub.
  • For those new to Kega and InTouch: start big or start with just CampaignHub…