'Within 3 days the Nelson InTouch COVID-19 app was released.' 

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How do you communicate with more than 1,000 employees in times of crisis? That was the challenge for Nelson Schoenen B.V. We spoke with Ivo Flierman, Manager ICT & Innovation at Nelson about his experiences.

How does Nelson Schoenen communicate with its employees?
“Nelson Schoenen has more than 1,000 employees spread over more than 150 stores and the head office. Communication at the head office takes place via e-mail or personal contact, in contrast to the shops where the contact is usually by telephone or by notifications to the cash register. ”

What was the impact of COVID-19 on your organization?
“The Coronavirus (COVID-19) hits the Netherlands hard. Prime Minister Rutte will give a press conference on Thursday 12 March. At that moment, both business and private, you end up quite unexpectedly in an uncertain and strange time.

How does Nelson Schoes communicate with its 1,000 employees over more than 150 stores?

Flierman continues: “Turnover is declining and many shops and companies, both inside and outside Europe, are closing their doors and from the government's point of view we are limited in our freedom of movement. At that time, fast communication to all our employees is crucial ".

Why is fast communication to employees crucial?
“You want to keep everyone as well as possible, be able to answer the many questions and, if necessary, to eliminate any concerns about continuity as much as possible. In addition, the instructions should also be clear. How to deal with customer contact, what to do in case of illness and what should unexpectedly close the doors. At this point you realize as a company that sending notifications to cash registers no longer covers the load. The attention value is low and you do not reach all colleagues by far ".

Why did Nelson Schoenen choose the Retail InTouch app?
"In December 2019, we pitched with a number of companies that offer a solution for in-store operations and store communication, among others. One of these software solutions was Retail InTouch from Kega. We were already enthusiastic at the time, but we parked it because the project focus at that time was elsewhere ".

Within 3 days the Nelson InTouch COVID-19 app was released. We have provided more than 1,000 employees with the app.


How did the implementation of the app go?
"On Monday March 16, we contacted Kega and tried to clarify that Nelson had a serious problem in reaching and informing colleagues. Half a word was actually enough. Immediately we received a proposal for the Retail InTouch COVID-19 solution".

"My mind immediately drifted away at the time and I hoped that Kega was flexible enough and had resources available to switch immediately and start the implementation. Can you send me the information, was the question from Kega. Fortunately, the switch was made immediately and after signing the processor agreement (GDPR), Kega started working for Nelson. "

Can you say something about the collaboration?
"The collaboration went fantastic in the days that followed. Every question and return question was answered immediately in the evenings and during the day. Video conferencing put the proverbial dots on the i and we went live three days after the first contact. provide more than 1,000 employees with this app version of Kega's Retail InTouch, our colleagues are now kept informed by push notifications, can read them on an Instagram-like timeline and have access to an extensive FAQ and the possibility to view manuals. "

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