Hunkemöller: the employee app
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Originally a Dutch company, Hunkemöller is now an international brand and a household name in 25 countries and the absolute market leader in lingerie in Northern Europe. Staff are a crucial success factor in Hunkemöller’s international omnichannel success.

To inform, involve and motivate their ‘sheroes’ as best they could, Hunkemöller went in search of a new solution at the start of 2015. The aim was to get more than 2,700 staff across seven countries in touch with each other as well as with the Hunkemöller brand. 

Retail InTouch to inform, involve and motivate their 'sheroes'

One of the reasons why Hunkemöller’s employees are happy with the employee app is because they can easily scan their staff discount with it. But the app is also the gateway to all Hunkemöller news from all over the world. Head office can effortlessly share inspirational videos, response-triggering polls, important tasks or thought-provoking updates directly with all employees.

What’s more, the staff are always connected with one another through chat groups and they can stay up to date on all the social activities at a glance. And last but certainly not least, the employees can access the Academy - the e-learning tool - through the app. In fact, 90% of users regard the product videos as the most useful feature for providing customers with even better service.

Employee engagement

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''The Hunkemöller InTouch app is the latest favourite with our employees. Total usage rose to 65% within just three weeks.''

Director of Global HR Anne Jaakke
Judith van den Anker

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