Retail InTouch is the employee communication platform which sets up interactions between employees and headquarters

Retail InTouch

Retail InTouch is your solution for employee engagement. It is designed by retailers, for retailers. For two decades the software of Retail InTouch has enabled retailers to empower and engage their staff with knowledge, news and inspiration.

Retail InTouch is a multilevel, responsive communication platform which sets up interactions between employees and headquarters, controlled conversations between employees and predefined content tracks to bring your employee engagement to the next level.

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Retail InTouch app

The Retail InTouch App is accessible wherever you are with your smartphone and tablet. With our app you can engage employees any time, anywhere with the latest company news, inspiring videos and chat groups; developing them into your most passionate brand advocates.

In our app interaction is key. Let your employees join the conversation, comment on the latest news, share their ideas with you and let them participate in store contests to boost the performance of the store and their engagement.

Some of the best features of the app are:

  • Training videos - Training on the go wherever you are
  • Schedule - Overview of your working hours
  • Chat - Fixed chat groups on store and management level
  • News - Interact with the latest news and fun on your phone
  • Store competition - To make the store run as well as possible, and to improve stores structurally by increasing the motivation of the employees.

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Retail InTouch portal

The Retail InTouch Portal is accessible through the existing cash registers so every employee can get in touch with vital information. The portal provides store staff with work-related information, support and tasks to help them provide improved service and advice for customers.

An intelligent structure gives store managers private access to a day-to-day dashboard with store revenue, task management and weather forecasts. The portal even gives insights into the revenues of the other stores in the region, so a store manager can compare and act on his store's performance.

Some of the best features of the portal are:

  • Forms - All important forms are gathered together in one clear place
  • Tasks - Direct insights in who is doing what
  • Revenue - Day to day revenue overview of your store

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