The employee app and portal can be launched within three months

We make Retail InTouch fit your company

When you choose Retail InTouch, our dedicated team will deliver seamless integration of your employee software for head office and employees. Retail InTouch starts with a smooth implementation. Then we will help you with a great introductory campaign for your staff and advise you on your next development steps, based on our seasonal engagement scores.

Implementation phase

Before we get Retail InTouch up and running for you, we will have several implementation sessions to create the perfect fit with your company. We will hold interviews with stakeholders at the head office, and also with employees and managers in the stores. We will identify which software and systems are already running and how InTouch can integrate them into its platform. Our aim is to make Retail InTouch your single point of access for employees.

Retail InTouch is the single point of access for your employees

Depending on the wishes of your organisation, Retail InTouch platform can be launched within three months. But that is only the beginning!
There will be regular status meetings where our dedicated team will discuss the next steps. These steps will be based on the weekly figures we provide and on the seasonal employee engagement survey. This will ensure that your organisation is heading in the right direction with employee engagement!

Getting you geared up for the future of employee engagement

The Retail InTouch team works closely together with the best content managers in the industry. Together we can create pre-defined content tracks like on-boarding new employees, leadership development and boosting your promotions. Content tracks will tackle your challenges and boost your employee engagement. 

''Retail InTouch is the single point of access for your employees''


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