Cases for more employee
engagement and empowerment



Hunkemöller, originally a Dutch company, is now a worldwide brand retailer; an international brand and a household name in 25 countries and absolute market leader in lingerie in Northern Europe. Staff is a crucial success factor in the international omni channel success of Hunkemöller.


Store staff is the crucial success factor at vanHaren. To be able to optimally inform, involve, and motivate staff, in 2016 vanHaren searched for a modern-day solution to directly reach their over 1.800 employees. Their solution? The Retail InTouch App to connect all the employees with each other and the vanHaren brand!

jeans centre

Jeans Centre has been around for 40 years now. In those 40 years, the company has grown into a brand with more than 100 stores and a web shop. To be able to keep growing Jeans Centre wanted to reach their employees more directly and more efficiently with less email. Read more how we can arrange this for Jeans Centre


Staff is a crucial factor in the successful supermarket formula of Hoogvliet. To optimally inform, involve and motivate the supermarket staff, Hoogvliet was seeking a new solution that would effectively bring the 6,300 or so employees in The Netherlands ‘in touch’ with each other and with the brand. 

Oil & Vinegar

Oil & Vinegar is an innovative and interactive Gourmet Specialty Retail concept with stores all over the world. At Oil & Vinegar it is all about stimulating your senses with an assortment of over 400 products. To reach the over 100 stores in 13 different countries was a big challenge in Oil & Vinegar’s road to success.